​​​​The 'Lectric Legends



Team Roles: Drive Team, Design Team, CAD Team, Programmer

Grade: 10th (Sophomore)

​Years with FIRST: 4 years FTC, 6 years FLL

​Hello, my name is Isaac. This is my 10th year as a FIRST student, and my 4th year of FTC. My favorite part of being on an FTC team is designing and building the robot. My interests include Rocket League, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, and hanging out with my friends. I have three older siblings, all of which have been on a FIRST team at one time or another.  We all four have been home educated our entire lives.  Our family lives in the country with one horse, one cat, and five dogs (three of which are dachshunds). I hope to attend college to pursue an engineering degree of some sort. 


Team Roles: Builder, Programmer 

Grade: 10th (Sophomore)

​Years with FIRST: 2 years FTC, 2 years FLL

Hi, I'm Ben, and have been in first for 4 years.  I did FLL for 2 years and this is my second year in FTC.  I decided to join because I wanted a new challenge and to hang out with my friends.  My favorite thing about the team is how they always make me laugh and I always have fun at the meetings.  My future career is to graduate with a bachelor's degree in computer science.  I have 2 sisters and 1 brother who are all older than me, and 1 dog, 1 turtle, and 2 fish. 


Team Roles: Design Team, CAD Team, Builder 

Grade: 10th (Sophomore)

​Years with FIRST: 4 years FTC, 6 years of FLL, 4 years of FLL jr.

Hello, My name is Andrew, I'm 15 and I've been in FIRST for 10 years now, this is now my fourth year in FTC, before FTC I did 9 years of FLL and FLL jr. While doing FTC I coached an FLL team, and this year I am mentoring our two JV teams, 14302 and 14358, along with 3 Jr. FLL teams. On the team I work on robot design and building, and using SolidWorks and Sketchup to CAD the robot. In addition to FTC I enjoy competitive swimming and video games.


Team Roles: Social Media Team, Engineering Notebook Team

Grade: 12th (Senior)

​Years with FIRST: 3 years FTC

HI My name is Ana, I'm a senior, and this is my third year of FTC. My favorite part about being on this team is getting to become friends with people I wouldn’t ordinarily meet as well as getting to see the team and robot progress over the season. Besides robotics my interests include: Singing and making music, writing, photography, childcare, creating art, and being with my friends and family. After high school I'd like to become a mental health activist/clinical psychologist.


Team Roles: Team Captain, Lead Programmer

Grade: 12th (Senior)

​Years with FIRST: 5 years FTC, 5 years FLL

Hi, I'm Eric, and I have been in FIRST for 10 years now. I did 5 years of FLL, and this is my fifth year of FTC. I'm actually the only original member from 8417 that hasn't graduated yet.  I'm interested in all things technology, from Virtual Reality development (VR) to designing robots (huh, I wonder what kind of robots I build).  I plan to go into Computer Science or Mechanical Engineering in college, with hopefully some job in robotics or a similar path.


Team Roles: Multi-Media Master, Builder 

Grade: 12th (Senior)

​Years with FIRST: 2 years FTC

Hello! I'm Sophie, this is my 2nd year on the team, and I am the Multi-Media Master. I do the website, editing for our videos, the Tie-Dye Animals, and anything the team needs done digitally. I'm also involved with the Build Team. Some of my interests outside of Robotics include Reading, Gaming, Graphic Design, Videography, and Cats. When I graduate, I plan on going into Mechanical and/or Electrical Engineering and enhancing my skills in Graphic Design. 


Team Roles: Drive Team, Builder

Grade: 12th (Senior)

​Years with FIRST: 3 years FTC

Hi, I'm Samuel and I'm a soccer player, author, world traveler, and Nintendo enthusiast. I'm a senior and am super hyped about graduating. I enjoy writing, bike riding, playing soccer and tennis and seeing new places. I've been to 4 different countries and 36 states. This is my third year involved in FTC and when I graduate High School I plan to go into either Journalism or mechanical engineering and I'm looking to attend either Northern Kentucky University or the University of Kentucky. 

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