​​​​The 'Lectric Legends


2017-2018 Scrimmage

We had a blast at our 2nd annual scrimmage at the University of Kentucky! We had a total of 6 teams in attendance (Including ours). We hosted this scrimmage to give our JV teams and the other teams as well (all rookie teams) an idea of what a competition is all about. We offered judging practice, robot & field inspections as well as having qualifying matches and a round of Finals.  Some of us remember our awkward first state event, five years ago, when our coaches did not know to bring a team roster printed from the FIRST dashboard, and when we had no idea that we were supposed to prepare a presentation for the judges. We wanted to help teams avoid this situation. Since our team was the only one there with experience, we were able to assist each and every team present.  It was satisfying to pass along knowledge and wisdom and it is our hope that these students thrive in the FIRST environment, like we did, and still do!  We would like to thank all teams and volunteers for braving the snow and coming to our scrimmage and we hope to see you at future competitions and our next scrimmage! 

2018-2019 Scrimmage

Seeing as Kentucky had no affiliate partner this season, we decided to host a scrimmage so the teams of Kentucky could get together to compete even if it was just for fun. This Scrimmage took place on December 29th, 2017. We had 7 teams across the state of Kentucky attend with 4 of those teams competing. Mellwood Arts Studio generously donated the use of one of their beautiful ballrooms for the day. This scrimmage would not have been possible without their help.