​​​​The 'Lectric Legends


We did it again! We were the Winning Alliance Captain at the 1st ever Tennessee State Championship! We were the 2nd seed alliance captain with our first pick being 7209 (Tech Hogs) and 8411 (SHARP). We also won the Control Award and we were nominated for Think as well! If we have not previously advanced to Detroit we would be advancing to Houston (again). Being the Winning Alliance Captain at 2 state tournaments, 2 weeks in a row is unheard of and we are proud to have done something that is considered unthinkable in the FTC Community. Good Luck to all of our friends who advanced to Houston!

Shortly after Worlds, we received word that we were accepted for the 2019 Maryland Tech Invitational at John Hopkins University. This is one of the top off-season events in the FTC community and here at this tournament, it's all about the robots. We got to compete alongside 32 of the top teams from this season including teams from all around the U.S., Romania, South Korea, Israel, and even Japan! We placed 7th in qualifiers and through the madness of alliance selections, ended up as the 4th seed alliance captain. We even managed to beat one of the undefeated teams from this season in the 2nd match of semi-finals, but lost in the 3rd match. For awards, we were nominated for the Triangle Education Foundation K.I.S.S. Award. We are very glad that we had the opportunity to compete here, and we believe that this was a great way to end our season and send off our Seniors.

We had a blast at our 2nd annual scrimmage at the University of Kentucky! We had a total of 6 teams in attendance (Including ours). We hosted this scrimmage to give our JV teams and the other teams as well (all rookie teams) an idea of what a competition is all about. We offered judging practice, robot & field inspections as well as having qualifying matches and a round of Finals.  Some of us remember our awkward first state event, five years ago, when our coaches did not know to bring a team roster printed from the FIRST dashboard, and when we had no idea that we were supposed to prepare a presentation for the judges. We wanted to help teams avoid this situation. Since our team was the only one there with experience, we were able to assist each and every team present.  It was satisfying to pass along knowledge and wisdom and it is our hope that these students thrive in the FIRST environment, like we did, and still do!  We would like to thank all teams and volunteers for braving the snow and coming to our scrimmage and we hope to see you at future competitions and our next scrimmage! Type your paragraph here.

​​2018-2019 Scrimmage

Control Award! This means we are going to the World Competition in Detroit this year along with our friends and winner of the Inspire Award, 13034 R.O.C.K.S. Robotics (also from KY). We believe that we are the first FTC team to compete in all 3 worlds locations and this is the first time that we have advanced by being the Winning Alliance Captain. We cannot wait to see all of our friends (as well as meet new ones) from the North and East Regions again in Detroit!

2019 Detroit World Championships

We had an amazing time at the Kentucky State Tournament! We were undefeated throughout qualifiers and we were the 1st seed Alliance Captain with our picks being teams 12835 Pixelated and 4217 R.O.A.R. (Robots on a Rampage). We ended up tying for the 2nd top score in the world at the time of writing this entry with a score of 427 with 12835 as well as scoring the 6th top score in the world with a score of 417 (With 12835 again.). At the end of the day, we were the Winning Alliance Captain and we won the

​​​We traveled a little over 5 hours to WV to compete against 27 other teams from West Virginia, Wisconsin, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. We had a blast getting to hook up with old friends as well as meeting new ones. Overall, our highest score was 292 in our 3rd match, we placed 10th in qualifiers, and were selected as the 2nd pick for the 2nd Seed Alliance. For awards, our coach Kelli received the Compass Award, and the team received the Promote and Motivate awards.

We had an amazing time at the 2019 World Championships in Detroit. We had the opportunity to compete with teams from the North and East regions of the US, Romania, South Korea, Israel, China, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, South Africa, India, Cyprus, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. We placed 8th in Qualifiers and were the 1st pick for the 2nd seed alliance for the Ochoa division. Our highest score was 517 in our 1st match, this was the top score for our division until one of the Semi-Finals matches. We made it to Finals for our Division but ultimately lost in the 3rd match. We ended up coming home with a nomination for the Motivate Award, and tons of fun memories that we will remember for years to come.

Tennessee State Championship

West Virginia State Championship

Kentucky State Championship

2019 Maryland Tech Invitational (MTI)