'Lectric Legends are headed to WORLDS!

Houston, TX

April 16-20, 2024

2024 Kentucky State Championship

Lectric Legends had an amazing time exploring and learning about automation at Middle Ground Capital in Lexington, Kentucky! Thanks to a great team for sharing your facility and robotics knowledge with us!

The Lectric Legends hosted a state-wide outreach event called “29 Days Before Kickoff” on August 12th
in Winchester. The purpose of our outreach event was twofold: to invite other newer teams to join us
for a day of fun and learning, but to also invite students and adults from around Central KY who are
interested in learning more about FIRST. Former Lectric Legends alumni and mentors held 7 mini-sessions, including:  Chassis/Wheels, Parts and Tools of Build, Autonomous Programming, Electronics on the Robot, Scouting, Engineering Portfolio, and FTC Judging. The Lectric Legends led an icebreaker with all the students that came as well as helped with lunch. Veteran LL members led a robot demonstration of last year’s robot. One of the highlights of the day was students having lunch on the lawn with our 5 LL alumni. Alumnus member Isaac brought the 2018 robot, which had gone to World’s, to show our guests and team. Parents, guests, and coaches ate lunch together inside while holding their own session on coaching and how to start an FTC team. In all, we reached 40 individuals who were new to FIRST. The day was such a success that we are considering repeating the event next preseason.

Being a homeschool team, the Legends were excited to give a 30 minute formal presentation and robot demonstration at the Central KY Homeschool Science Fair, hosted by homeschool co-op Mars Hill Academy in Nicholasville, KY on January 29th. About 200+ people were in attendance. Every Legend team member shared what they have worked on this season as well as hurdles they have overcome. Builders and programmers demoed each primary component of the robot. Programmers explained autonomous and driver control. The media team shared our Promote video and spoke about the outreach events held this season. We played the CenterStage challenge game video. The coaches explained how easy it is to start an FTC team. STEAM kits were donated to all students that came. We finished the evening by inviting everyone to the KY Championship on February 17th.


On November 10th , the Legends headed up to Morehead University for the KY Metro League Meet #1. With both excitement and anticipation, most of our Legends experienced their first scrimmage! Like most other teams early in the season, our robot had a few components completed and few not yet attempted. We had a working drone launcher and linear slide, but we didn’t yet have claw or wench. Builders fashioned a temporary pixel-pusher which got the job done! We also successfully parked in autonomous. We took first place in the scrimmage!

On December 15, the Legends visited Badger Technologies in Nicholasville, KY. Members of the Badger and Jabil team shared their knowledge of their autonomous robot program, featuring Marty the Robot. We learned that these tall robots use image recognition to scan store shelves to report inventory, as
well as scan the floor for spills or hazards. We were especially delighted to see alumnus 'Lectric Legend member Charles lead our tour. Thank you, Badger and Jabil!

On January 12th , the Legends headed southeast to beautiful Hazard, KY for KY Metro League Meet #2 held at the Challenger Learning Center. It was great to see Delta Robotics and Rambotics again, as well as meet 4 brand new teams! We arrived in Hazard knowing the linear slide needed to be restrung ASAP as well as having a few problems with our newly mounted claw. Despite our claw not working well, our drone launcher scored 30 points in 2 different matches and we successfully parked in autonomous. On
our last match, the team decided to suspend the robot during endgame using the linear slides and not the wench, which had not yet been programmed. Surprisingly, it worked and the linear slides didn’t break! Once again, we took 1st place in the scrimmage and are ranked first in the state!





​​​​The 'Lectric Legends